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[ fer-got-n ]


  1. a past participle of forget.


/ fəˈɡɒtən /


  1. a past participle of forget
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Usage Note

See forget.
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Other Words From

  • half-for·gotten adjective
  • quasi-for·gotten adjective
  • unfor·gotten adjective
  • well-for·gotten adjective
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Example Sentences

Yet they are convenient, at least as an expression of support for works that have a spark of something yet have somehow become forgotten, if they were ever appreciated at all.

From Time

It’s considered a bit old-fashioned and everyone’s sort of forgotten about it.

To be sure, for many modern neuroscientists, Freud’s thought is dead, buried and best forgotten.

Many others respond to the sudden proximity as if a forgotten, dust-covered cord had been plugged into a power source.

The movie suggests, in a way, that memories are never completely lost, that it always remains possible to go back, even to people and places that seem long forgotten.

But even though he has been disappeared, Castro is not forgotten.

But the jokes flow at such a torrential pace that duds are soon forgotten; the best are even Spamalot-worthy.

What often is forgotten—and what Beck could probably stand to remember—is that the massacre was, technically, a firefight.

In the 54 years since they departed, Belgika has been forgotten by the outside world.

Nerney fears that Foerster has otherwise been largely forgotten except by his family and fellow cops.

"It is ill-fated;" and Alessandro blamed himself for having forgotten her only association with the name.

But don't go hunting after them, there are still modern Immortals in the darkness of a forgotten language.

Chief and most musical among these signs were the almost forgotten sounds of dropping water, and tinkling rills.

Ernest called out; "you have forgotten your money;" and he held out a purse, but the man was gone.

Pearson flung his knife and fork at it, having forgotten to drop those light weapons when he leaped up.





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