form factor

[ fawrm fak-ter ]


  1. Computers. the design specifications of computing electronics that enforce uniformity and allow interchangeability of components:

    the form factor for circuit boards.

  2. the physical dimensions of an electronic device:

    The form factor of the new phone is thinner and lighter than that of the older models.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of form factor1

First recorded in 1995–2000

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Example Sentences

The form factor is similar to the GFX 50S, which doesn’t have the integrated grip.

The industry isn't quite sure what a flexible display smartphone should look like, and at trade shows, various companies have pitched all sorts of wild form factors.

Lenovo’s been experimenting with the technology for a number of form factors, and this one makes more sense than previous shots — essentially offering up a quick-glance notification center.

All the talk about how 5G and new form factors were going to cause a kind of bounce-back all fell by the wayside, as people put a pause on unnecessary luxuries.

Fortunately, surround sound in a home theater setting is now more compact, sleek, easy to install, and affordable than ever before thanks to designs that utilize a combination of soundbar form factors, wireless connectivity, and long battery life.

The next year or two will be crucial for PCs as the consumers vote with their wallet on which new form factor is the best.


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