formal cause

[ fawr-muhl ]

  1. See under cause (def. 8b).

Origin of formal cause

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400

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How to use formal cause in a sentence

  • Therefore the formal cause is the concept, or, as Plato would call it, the Idea of the thing.

  • Plato alone clearly saw the necessity for the formal cause, for formal causes are, as we have seen, the same as Plato's Ideas.

  • If we knew the forma or formal cause of each of those qualities, we could make gold, provided the causes were within our control.

  • That is, we must first find out the forma or formal cause of spontaneous rotation.

  • Scholasticism was content to talk about it under the name of 'substantial form' or 'formal cause'.

    Theodicy | G. W. Leibniz