[fawr-mi-key-shuh n]
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Origin of formication

1700–10; < Latin (Pliny) formīcātiōn-, stem of formīcātiō a sensation that ants are crawling on one's skin, equivalent to formicā(re) to have such a sensation (verbal derivative of formīca ant) + -tiōn- -tion
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  1. a sensation of insects crawling on the skin; symptom of a nerve disorder
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Word Origin and History for formication

crawling sensation as of ants on the skin, 1707, from Latin formicationem, noun of action from formicare "to crawl like ants," from formica "ant" (see Formica (n.2)).

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formication in Medicine


  1. An abnormal sensation as of insects running over or into the skin, associated with cocaine intoxication or disease of the spinal cord and peripheral nerves.
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