[ fawr-nee, fohr- ]


, plural For·neys.
  1. a steam locomotive having no front truck, four driving wheels, and a four-wheeled rear truck.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Forney1

Named after J. H. Forney (1829–1902), American engineer
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Example Sentences

Forney had no medical issues, no warning signs before he was found unresponsive while working on a paper and peeling an orange at his desk.

They were Forney’s teammates and best friends, and Honaker wanted to run his idea past them.

Two months later, McLelland and his wife were shot to death on March 30 in their quaint home in Forney, Texas.

Plus, Michael Daly reports from Forney, Texas, on the McLelland killing.

So far, Caitria is proudest of the time she visited the small town of Forney, Texas, ravaged by an EF3 tornado last April.

It is only fair to say that Forney's character furnished reasonable excuse for this neglect and apparent ingratitude.

John W. Forney, too, wrote a good review and sent a friendly letter.

Forney, Morton, McMichael and most of the pioneers of our modern journalism are gone.

They hurrahed and roared and banged the tables in such a mad storm of delight as even Colonel Forney had never seen surpassed.

It cost us money, but Colonel Forney never cared for that, and he greatly admired the coup.