[ fawr-ni-key-shuhn ]
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  1. voluntary sexual intercourse between two unmarried persons or two persons not married to each other.

  2. Bible. idolatry.

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Origin of fornication

First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English fornicacioun, from Late Latin fornicātiōn-, stem of fornicātiō; equivalent to fornicate1 + -ion

Other words from fornication

  • for·ni·ca·to·ry [fawr-ni-kuh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee], /ˈfɔr nɪ kəˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i/, adjective

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How to use fornication in a sentence

  • Thou hast moreover multiplied thy fornication in the land of Canaan unto Chaldea; and yet thou wast not satisfied herewith.

    The Prophet Ezekiel | Arno C. Gaebelein
  • With this spiritual fornication, an idolatrous worship, there was connected the grossest lusts of the flesh.

    The Prophet Ezekiel | Arno C. Gaebelein

British Dictionary definitions for fornication


/ (ˌfɔːnɪˈkeɪʃən) /

  1. voluntary sexual intercourse outside marriage

  2. law voluntary sexual intercourse between two persons of the opposite sex, where one is or both are unmarried

  1. Bible sexual immorality in general, esp adultery

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