[ fawr-tuh-fahyd ]
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  1. protected or strengthened against attack; provided with defensive military works:Jim’s platoon was the reserve force for his company's coordinated assault on a heavily fortified hill.

  2. given strength or vigor, as by food or drink:She rejoined her companions, toting snacks and goodies in her pack, and the newly fortified hikers continued on their way the next day.

  1. Nutrition. having one or more ingredients added, as vitamins, minerals, etc., to increase nutritional value:The fortified flour helps reduce anemia and enhance micronutrient uptake.

  2. (of wine or the like) having extra alcohol added:Marsala, a fortified wine sweetened with concentrated grape juice, comes from Sicily.

  3. strengthened mentally or morally:From this new perspective, he looked upon the impossible task with fortified courage.

  4. having ingredients, elements, or features added in order to increase effectiveness or withstand strain or wear:The new, fortified design standards aim at strengthening buildings and infrastructure against high winds, flooding, and fire.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of fortify.

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  • un·for·ti·fied, adjective
  • well-for·ti·fied, adjective

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