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  1. pronounced with considerable muscular tension and breath pressure, resulting in a strong fricative or explosive sound. In stressed position (p, t, k, ch, f, th, s, sh) and sometimes (h) are fortis in English as compared with (b, d, g, j, v, th̸, z, and zh), which are lenis.Compare lenis.
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noun, plural for·tes [fawr-teez] /ˈfɔr tiz/.
  1. a fortis consonant.
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Origin of fortis

1905–10; < Latin: strong, powerful, firm
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  1. (of a consonant) articulated with considerable muscular tension of the speech organs or with a great deal of breath pressure or plosion
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noun plural -tes (-tiːz)
  1. a consonant, such as English p or f, pronounced with considerable muscular force or breath pressure
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Compare lenis

Word Origin

Latin: strong
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