[ fawr-uhm, fohr-uhm ]
/ ˈfɔr əm, ˈfoʊr əm /
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noun, plural fo·rums, fo·ra [fawr-uh, fohr-uh]. /ˈfɔr ə, ˈfoʊr ə/.

the marketplace or public square of an ancient Roman city, the center of judicial and business affairs and a place of assembly for the people.
a court or tribunal: the forum of public opinion.
an assembly, meeting place, television program, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest.
Also called online forum, internet forum, web forum . message board.
the Forum, the forum in the ancient city of Rome.



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Origin of forum

First recorded in1425–75; late Middle English, from Latin: “marketplace, public place,” akin to forīs, forās “outside,” foris door
form, forum
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British Dictionary definitions for forum (1 of 2)

/ (ˈfɔːrəm) /

noun plural -rums or -ra (-rə)

a meeting or assembly for the open discussion of subjects of public interest
a medium for open discussion, such as a magazine
a public meeting place for open discussion
a court; tribunal
(in South Africa) a pressure group of leaders or representatives, esp Black leaders or representatives
(in ancient Italy) an open space, usually rectangular in shape, serving as a city's marketplace and centre of public business
C15: from Latin: public place; related to Latin foris outside

British Dictionary definitions for forum (2 of 2)


Forum Romanum

/ (rəʊˈmɑːnəm) /


the Forum the main forum of ancient Rome, situated between the Capitoline and the Palatine Hills
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