[fawr-uh m, fohr-uh m]
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noun, plural fo·rums, fo·ra [fawr-uh, fohr-uh] /ˈfɔr ə, ˈfoʊr ə/.
  1. the marketplace or public square of an ancient Roman city, the center of judicial and business affairs and a place of assembly for the people.
  2. a court or tribunal: the forum of public opinion.
  3. an assembly, meeting place, television program, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest.
  4. Also called online forum, Internet forum, Web forum. message board.
  5. the Forum, the forum in the ancient city of Rome.

Origin of forum

1425–75; late Middle English < Latin: marketplace, public place, akin to forīs, forās outside, foris door
Can be confusedform forum (see synonym study at form)

message board

  1. a website or section of a website that is used for public discussion of a specific topic and on which users can submit or read messages: You should post your questions on a parenting message board and get support from other parents.
  2. an online discussion group that is maintained on such a website: To participate in the message board, you must be a registered user.
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noun plural -rums or -ra (-rə)
  1. a meeting or assembly for the open discussion of subjects of public interest
  2. a medium for open discussion, such as a magazine
  3. a public meeting place for open discussion
  4. a court; tribunal
  5. (in South Africa) a pressure group of leaders or representatives, esp Black leaders or representatives
  6. (in ancient Italy) an open space, usually rectangular in shape, serving as a city's marketplace and centre of public business

Word Origin for forum

C15: from Latin: public place; related to Latin foris outside


Forum Romanum

  1. the Forum the main forum of ancient Rome, situated between the Capitoline and the Palatine Hills

message board

  1. an internet discussion forum
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Word Origin and History for forum

mid-15c., "place of assembly in ancient Rome," from Latin forum "marketplace, open space, public place," apparently akin to foris, foras "out of doors, outside," from PIE root *dhwer- (see door). Sense of "assembly, place for public discussion" first recorded 1680s.

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