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[ fawr-werd-thing-king ]


  1. planning or tending to plan for the future; forward-looking.

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Example Sentences

They are creative, investing a lot, and are forward thinking.

Instead modernism became a style that was acceptable for “forward-thinking people”—not for communists, or socialists, or whatever.

Louie shows us how a man can be liberal, evolved, and forward thinking, but still interpret an attempted rape as a victory.

I think America has one of the most advanced, most forward-thinking marketing organizations in the world.

She ties with a forward-thinking lad named John, who refuses to marry any woman against her will.

He fell back exhausted, and we all pressed forward thinking that he must be dead, he lay so still.

The development of the full possibilities of new weapons is an important source of forward thinking.

That he thought also in terms that Lee Harvey Oswald would be associated with this forward thinking?

The inspector leaned forward thinking, his large hands clasped before him.


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