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  1. given to using obscene, abusive, or blasphemous language
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Example Sentences

Malcolm Tucker, a foul-mouthed political advisor, was the role that turned Capaldi into a household name in Britain.

Foul-mouthed chauvinist who flirted with chicks in a hot tub or celebrity-friendly sociopolitical satirist?

Playing the foul-mouthed bad character will become as predictable and counter-intuitive as a playing a thousand Joeys.

In the movie, Murray portrays Vincent McKenna, a brash, loud, foul-mouthed man who drinks and chain-smokes.

Errichetti was a foul-mouthed megalomaniac and “a crook at heart,” Greene wrote.

They were a rough crowd, those diggers, rowdy and foul-mouthed, and they squabbled not a little over their partners.

Foul-mouthed doctor and slandered professor—such would be your respective roles!

Not one of those foul-mouthed pursuers wore khaki or sailor's blue.

Come on quick, I say, for yon foul-mouthed railer at the top of the hill is beginning to roar at us as well as spit at us.

But his opponent would say it was owing to the abuse poured upon the society by the foul-mouthed Abolitionists.