[ fawr-leg-id, -legd, fohr- ]


  1. having four legs.
  2. Nautical. (of a schooner) having four masts.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of four-legged1

First recorded in 1655–65

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Example Sentences

On one island off the coast of Japan, four-legged felines outnumber residents and are driving the tourist trade.

Claire Stern reports on this season's hottest couture for four-legged friends.

Four-legged PTSD is manifested in behavior like nervous exhaustion, distress, confusion, or forgetting routine commands.

Many of those in China trying to protect their four-legged friends hope their battle has a wider impact.

In many places, hiring a dog trainer has become a normal, good-citizen thing to do, the four-legged equivalent of taking CPR.

Whether four-legged or two-legged it was impossible to say because of the gloom.

The beaver tribe are considered wisest of the smaller four-legged tribes, and they are a people of great common-sense.

"Take that, you four-legged night thief," he said aloud, and hurled the assegai in his hand straight at her.

Were being eaten up by a great four-legged beastget down, Reno!

A minute later the Mink appeared, his hair all plastered close till he looked like a four-legged Snake.


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