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[ fawr-stahr, fohr- ]


  1. of or being a full general or admiral, as indicated by four stars on an insignia.
  2. rated or considered as being of the highest quality, especially as indicated by four printed stars assigned in some rating systems:

    a four-star restaurant.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of four-star1

First recorded in 1920–25

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Example Sentences

The dish was a massive hit, and Shun Lee Palace subsequently received a four-star review in The New York Times.

Dave Gunther and I have convinced a four-star general and a colonel of our plan, but the whole thing hangs in the balance.

The group found key advocates in upper military echelons, where four-star generals almost always get what they want.

Officers, from second lieutenants up to four-star generals, constitute the top of the chain of command.

We might be more likely to buy a book with a five- or four-star review than one with two.

James was to become the first four-star black officer in the armed forces.

It'll get all through the Corps, and they'll be calling me that when I'm a four-star general, if I live that long.

He looked at the long semicircular table, and studied the impassive faces of the four-star Physicians across the table from him.

One was a Four-star Surgeon, resplendent in flowing red cape and glistening silver insignia.

Moments after the Four-star Surgeon arrived at the hospital, he was fully and unmistakably in command of the situation.


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