or four-wheeled

[ fawr-hweel, -weel, fohr- ]


  1. having four wheels.
  2. functioning on or driven by four wheels.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of four-wheel1

First recorded in 1730–40

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Example Sentences

He rode around in a new four-wheel-drive pickup truck, flying a white flag.

A guy with a van that had four-wheel drive would take us into the city for $150.

Woolley hitched the horse to the back of his four-wheel-drive and traveled 1,500 miles to Churchill Downs.

They drive four-wheel-drive cars and live in really good houses.

It was thirty feet in length, four-wheel trucks being attached at the ends, very much after the present fashion.

They were upholstered in plush, lighted by oil lamps, heated with box stoves, and mounted on four-wheel trucks with iron wheels.

This consists of a scoop of about one cubic yard capacity, suspended from a four-wheel wagon gear.

The squire's high "four-wheel" drew up before the door of the Swan Hotel at Wells about twelve o'clock that day.

The four-wheel horse cabs seem very slow to us now, but they carried more luggage than the taxi-cabs can.





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