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[ fawr-hwee-ler, -wee-, fohr- ]


  1. a four-wheel vehicle, especially a hackney carriage.
  2. Citizens Band Radio and Automotive Slang. a four-wheel automotive vehicle, as a car or small truck, especially as distinguished from a vehicle having more than four wheels, as a tractor-trailer, or fewer than four wheels, as a motorcycle.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of four-wheeler1

First recorded in 1840–50

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Example Sentences

A four-wheeler clove its way through the crowd surrounding the gates, and the sentries presented arms to it.

The four-wheeler moved away over the long winding road to the hills.

The fun of rapid packing, of saying to Henry (unboundedly amazed), "Call me a four-wheeler!"

On occasions when he had a petition to deliver he came down, cloaked, in a four-wheeler.

Miss Fairbrother's modest boxes were placed on a four-wheeler, and the two drove off to Brunswick Terrace.


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