[ foor-ee-uh-riz-uhm ]

  1. the social system proposed by François Marie Charles Fourier, under which society was to be organized into phalanxes or associations, each large enough for all industrial and social requirements.

Origin of Fourierism

From the French word fouriérisme, dating back to 1835–45. See Fourier, -ism

Other words from Fourierism

  • Fou·ri·er·ist, Fou·ri·er·ite [foor-ee-uh-rahyt], /ˈfʊər i əˌraɪt/, noun
  • Fou·ri·er·is·tic, adjective

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How to use Fourierism in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for Fourierism


/ (ˈfʊərɪəˌrɪzəm) /

  1. the system of Charles Fourier under which society was to be organized into self-sufficient cooperatives

Derived forms of Fourierism

  • Fourierist or Fourierite (ˈfʊərɪəˌraɪt), noun, adjective
  • Fourieristic, adjective

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