[ fawr-suhm, fohr- ]
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  1. a company or set of four; two couples; a quartet: to make up a foursome for bridge.

  2. Golf.

    • a match between two pairs of players, each of whom plays their own ball.

    • Also called Scotch foursome. a match between two pairs of players, in which each pair plays one ball and partners stroke alternately.

  1. consisting of four persons, things, etc.; performed by or requiring four persons.

Origin of foursome

First recorded in 1540–50; four + -some2

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British Dictionary definitions for foursome


/ (ˈfɔːsəm) /

  1. a set or company of four

  2. sport a game between two pairs of players, esp a form of golf in which each partner in a pair takes alternate strokes at the same ball: Compare fourball, greensome

  1. (modifier) of or performed by a company of four: a foursome competition

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