fourth dimension

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  1. Physics, Mathematics. a dimension in addition to length, width, and depth, used so as to be able to employ geometrical language in discussing phenomena that depend on four variables: Time is considered a fourth dimension for locating points in space-time.

  2. something beyond the kind of normal human experience that can be explained scientifically: The story deals with ESP and other excursions into the fourth dimension.

Origin of fourth dimension

First recorded in 1870–75

Other words from fourth dimension

  • fourth-di·men·sion·al, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for fourth dimension

fourth dimension

  1. the dimension of time, which is necessary in addition to three spatial dimensions to specify fully the position and behaviour of a point or particle

  2. the concept in science fiction of a dimension in addition to three spatial dimensions, used to explain supernatural phenomena, events, etc

Derived forms of fourth dimension

  • fourth-dimensional, adjective

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Scientific definitions for fourth dimension

fourth dimension

[ fôrth ]

  1. Time regarded as a coordinate dimension. A fourth dimension is required by relativity theory, along with three spatial dimensions, to specify completely the location of any event.

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