fovea centralis

[ sen-trey-lis ]
/ sɛnˈtreɪ lɪs /
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noun Ophthalmology.
a small pit or depression at the back of the retina forming the point of sharpest vision.
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Origin of fovea centralis

1855–60; <New Latin: central fovea

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British Dictionary definitions for fovea centralis

fovea centralis
/ (sɛnˈtrɑːlɪs) /

a small depression in the centre of the retina that contains only cone cells and is therefore the area of sharpest vision

Word Origin for fovea centralis

C19: from New Latin: central fovea
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Medical definitions for fovea centralis

fovea centralis
[ sĕn-trālĭs ]

A depression in the center of the macula of the retina, the area of the most acute vision, where only cones are present and where blood vessels are lacking.central fovea central pit
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