[frag]U.S. Army and Marine Corps Slang.

Origin of frag

An Americanism dating back to 1965–70; by shortening
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verb frags, fragging or fragged
  1. (tr) US military slang to kill or wound (a fellow soldier or superior officer) deliberately with an explosive device
Derived Formsfragging, noun

Word Origin for frag

C20: short for fragmentation grenade, as used in Vietnam
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Word Origin and History for fragging



by 1970, U.S. military slang, from slang noun shortening of fragmentation grenade (1918). Related: Fragged; fragging.

Fragging is a macabre ritual of Vietnam in which American enlisted men attempt to murder their superiors. The word comes from the nickname for hand grenades, a weapon popular with enlisted men because the evidence is destroyed with the consummation of the crime. ["Saturday Review," Jan. 8, 1972]
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