[ frahn-kuh ]


  1. a city in Sao Paulo state, SE Brazil.

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Example Sentences

There the lingua franca is Cajun French, and folks love to fiddle, dance and most of all, eat.

Attendees included members of Italian fashion royalty, such as Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani.

Koch backed the death penalty, wasn't above a little Archie Bunker-ish lingua franca to get his point across.

Second, will it continue to be a widely used lingua franca, possibly even increase its influence?

Long gone seamen and traders made Italian its lingua franca.

Having said this, the Moor asked several questions—through the negro, and always in the Lingua Franca.

He spoke in Lingua Franca, which Foster understood pretty well by that time.

In course of time, Arabic replaced the Aramean dialect, and became the lingua franca of the Jews.

Wobanguli began speaking in sonorous tones, using Malay-Dyak dialect, the lingua franca of the residency.

The Arabic language has been the lingua franca of the East from the time that it succeeded Greek in the seventh century.