[ fran-seen ]


  1. a female given name, form of Frances.

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Example Sentences

In a dim backroom of a mud hut in Save, 82-year-old Teresa Nyirabutunda sits propped upright in bed by her daughter, Francine.

Francine Prose, in a testament to her talents, has managed to create a wartime saga that is both original and epic.

Turns out, both men are married to women named Francine and have sons of similar ages.

I was extremely excited and nervous to read for her and her casting director, Francine Maisler.

Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High series sold 250 million copies and made '80s teens swoon.

Francine agrees with them and she would love to be a boy to join the army.

Francine hesitated, then, reassured by the devotion he gave to his soup, settled once more in her chair.

Springing up, Francine stood a moment gazing at him in frightened alarm; then, with a cry, she vanished heavily through the door.

I owe you, my good Francine, wages for six months—sixty francs, representing your service with me.

The fact was obvious that Francine was an heiress, possessed of the greatest fortune in the memory of Keragouil.