[ frangk-plej ]

nounOld English Law.
  1. a system of dividing a community into tithings or groups of ten men, each member of which was responsible for the conduct of the other members of his group and for the assurance that a member charged with a breach of the law would be produced at court.

  2. a member of a tithing.

  1. the tithing itself.

Origin of frankpledge

1250–1300; Middle English fra(u)nkplegge<Anglo-French frauncplege.See frank1, pledge

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/ (ˈfræŋkˌplɛdʒ) /

noun(in medieval England)
  1. the corporate responsibility of members of a tithing for the good behaviour of each other

  2. a member of a tithing

  1. a tithing itself

Origin of frankpledge

C15: via Anglo-French from Old French franc free (see frank) + plege pledge

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