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[ frat ]


, Informal.


/ fræt /


  1. slang.
    1. a member of a fraternity
    2. ( as modifier )

      the frat kid

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Word History and Origins

Origin of frat1

An Americanism dating back to 1890–95; by shortening
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Example Sentences

Druski From plumbers to car salesmen and frat boys to football coaches, social media sketch comedian Druski has been providing laughs and solace throughout the dark days of the pandemic.

From Ozy

An Ohio freshman died after drinking a bottle of liquor in a frat hazing.

Leda can’t remember much of the evening, except that she ran into Charlotte outside a frat house, which might mean she was the last one to see the young woman before she disappeared.

From Time

There’s a lot more kids back to school than this… It’s not like they are going to a frat party in Arizona where nobody is minding any protocols at all.

Now there’s added concern from other students and community members because frat parties continue.

From Vox

I have very mixed feelings about what the event has become, which is just one big frat party.

In Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy, the self-induced, self-absorbed Greek tragedy of Andrew Lohse.

It is about an hour into our interview, but it is not the first sign of frat-boy cockiness veiled in jokes.

Earlier this year, the fraternity news website Total Frat Move declared Fireball “the most popular shot for college students.”

Like a point in life where the frat house is too far in the rearview mirror for the behavior to be acceptable?

"It has nothing to do with the secret proceedings of your 'frat'," said Dora, primly.

The too fatherly "frat seniors" did all that Fred said they would, and more.

The train pulled out with a last cheer from the frat fellows, and Burt and Howard realized that they were actually off.

They told him all their news, what games had been won, who had made Phi Beta Kappa, and what had happened at the frat.

I asked him straight out if it was to curry favor with the frat.


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