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[frou; English frou]
noun, plural Frau·en [frou-uh n] /ˈfraʊ ən/, English Fraus [frouz] /fraʊz/. German.
  1. a married woman; a wife.
  2. the conventional German title of respect and term of address for a married woman, corresponding to Mrs.
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  • At the door of her apartment Frau Karoline greeted me with formal gravity.

  • Frau Matilda now gazed at me with open-mouthed astonishment.

  • Frau Augusta turned and glanced furtively at my identification folder.

  • Frau Steinmann was, with other elderly ladies of the company, to spend the evening there.

    The First Violin

    Jessie Fothergill

  • You are very kind, Frau Schmidt, I hope he will not trouble you.

    The First Violin

    Jessie Fothergill

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noun plural Frauen (ˈfraʊən) or Fraus
  1. a married German woman: usually used as a title equivalent to Mrs and sometimes extended to older unmarried women
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Word Origin

from Old High German frouwa; related to Dutch vrouw
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Word Origin and History for frau


"married woman," 1813, from German Frau "woman, wife," from Middle High German vrouwe "lady, mistress," from Old High German frouwa "mistress, lady" (9c.), from Proto-Germanic *frowo- "lady," fem. of *frawan "lord," from PIE root *per- (1) "beyond, forward," in extended senses "chief, first" (see per).

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