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  1. a male given name, form of Frederick.
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  1. Antoinette,1888–1946, U.S. actress, theatrical manager, and producer.
  2. Bliss,1860–1954, U.S. educator, literary critic, and editor.
  3. Frederick JohnFred, 1909–1995, British tennis player.
  4. Matthew Cal·braith [kal-breyth] /ˈkæl breɪθ/, 1794–1858, U.S. commodore.
  5. his brotherOliver Hazard,1785–1819, U.S. naval officer.
  6. Ralph Barton,1876–1957, U.S. philosopher and educator.
  7. a male given name: from a Middle English word meaning “pear tree.”
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  • For one thing Fred sha'n't get into that kind of muss if I can save him from it.

    The Spenders

    Harry Leon Wilson

  • The money must have been too great a temptation to him and to Fred.

    The Spenders

    Harry Leon Wilson

  • Then Fred rode over, and placed himself at Mr. Bodery's disposal.

    The Slave Of The Lamp

    Henry Seton Merriman

  • Fred had his flat, and I engaged him to take a part of our luggage to Northwest River.

  • Take a basin of water and a sponge, Fred, and wash the dust off.

    Henry Dunbar

    M. E. Braddon

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noun plural -ries
  1. alcoholic drink made of pears, similar in taste to cider
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Word Origin

C14 pereye, from Old French peré, ultimately from Latin pirum pear


  1. Fred (erick John). 1909–95, English tennis and table-tennis player; world singles table-tennis champion (1929); as a tennis player he won eight Grand Slam singles titles including the US Open three times (1933–34, 1936) and Wimbledon three times (1934–36)
  2. Grayson . born 1960, English potter, embroiderer, and film-maker; won the Turner Prize (2003).
  3. Matthew Calbraith. 1794–1858, US naval officer, who led a naval expedition to Japan that obtained a treaty (1854) opening up Japan to western trade
  4. his brother, Oliver Hazard. 1785–1819, US naval officer. His defeat of a British squadron on Lake Erie (1813) was the turning point in the War of 1812, leading to the recapture of Detroit
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Word Origin and History for fred


surname attested from late 12c., literally "dweller by the pear tree."

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