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or free·form

[ adjective free-fawrm; adverb free-fawrm ]
/ adjective ˈfriˌfɔrm; adverb ˈfriˈfɔrm /


characterized by free form: free-form sculpture.
not organized or planned in a conventional way: a free-form international conglomerate.
encouraged to function or evolve without advance planning; spontaneous: free-form management.


without restrictions or preconceptions: The children were allowed to paint free-form.



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Origin of free-form

First recorded in 1950–55

Definition for free-form (2 of 2)

free form


a shape having an irregular contour, chiefly used in nonrepresentational art and industrial design.
Linguistics. a linguistic form that can occur by itself, as fire, book, or run.
Compare bound form.

Origin of free form

First recorded in 1945–50 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for free-form

  • The actors filled in the free-form “unconventional script” with their own life experiences.

    The Making of ‘Boyhood’: Richard Linklater’s 12-Year Journey to Create An American Masterpiece|Marlow Stern|July 10, 2014|DAILY BEAST
  • He still goes back to Chicago from time-to-time to do free-form comedy sketches at the Improv Olympics.

    Michael Shannon Goes Crazy|Marlow Stern|September 30, 2011|DAILY BEAST
  • Of course, when an entire throng is trying to rise above itself, an epidemic of free-form vulgarity and solipsism ensues.

    Punking the White House|Tunku Varadarajan|November 27, 2009|DAILY BEAST

British Dictionary definitions for free-form

free form

/ arts /


an irregular flowing shape, often used in industrial or fabric design

adjective free-form

freely flowing, spontaneous
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