free liver


  1. a person who follows a way of life that freely indulges the appetites, desires, etc.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of free liver1

First recorded in 1705–15

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Example Sentences

He was brought up for a priest, and he thinks it would not have been in good taste for him to become a free liver.

A very fat man, and a free liver; had long been subject to what was called asthma, particularly in the winter.

Jonathan Swift is generally regarded as a free liver, though probably the company he kept is often answerable for the imputation.

Every free-liver would not say this, nor think thus—every argument he uses, condemnatory of his own actions, as some would think.

I only am in danger: but were I the free-liver I am reported to be, all this could I get over with a wet finger, as the saying is.


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