[ free-spen-ding ]


  1. spending or tending to spend freely:

    If you don't mend your free-spending ways, you'll go bankrupt.

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Example Sentences

The long-ago indiscretion was forgotten as he condemned free-spending liberals and pledged to “stop the gravy train.”

Some Republicans have even chastised their own party for being too free spending during the Bush years.

Most were pro-choice and pro-immigrant, but they were seen as bulwarks against free-spending Democratic state legislatures.

A free-spending government can print all the money its liberal, inflationary heart desires.

Are you just the typical free-spending billionaire sports fanatic or do you see a value proposition in owning sports franchises?

At first Peter did not respond to the overtures and insistance of the handsome, well-dressed, free-spending, New York swell.

Then Mr. Chase grumbled at the free spending of the funds which he had succeeded in providing with so much skill and labor.

Peden distended with satisfaction to see the free spending, the free flinging of money into his games.





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