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[ free-hohl-der ]


  1. the owner of a freehold.
  2. (in some U.S. counties) a registered voter who owns local property and has been a local resident for a specified length of time.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of freeholder1

1325–75; Middle English freholder ( free, holder ); translation of Anglo-French fraunc tenaunt ( frank 1, tenant )

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Example Sentences

In 1995, Christie, while serving as a county Freeholder, mounted a campaign for the State Assembly.

Come November, MacArthur will challenge Democrat Aimee Belgard, a Burlington County Freeholder in the general election.

Christie returned to his post as Freeholder to finish out his term, and then lost his reelection campaign.

“The first freeholder board 20 years to cut taxes,” Christopher said.

In the midst of his success, he decided to run for assembly, even though he had not served out his first term as freeholder.

On the death of a freeholder his land was divided amongst his sons equally, according to what is called "the custom of gavelkind."

At her instance, Akins and another resident freeholder had already signed the bond when Dan arrived.

A franklin was a freeman, or freeholder, or owner of the land on which he dwelt.

However the conference did its work, and started the Freeholder, which appeared on the 1st of January, 1850.

Pennsylvania required him to be a freeholder, but New Hampshire and Vermont were satisfied with the payment of a poll-tax.


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