[ free-pawrt, -pohrt ]


  1. a village on SW Long Island, in SE New York.
  2. a city in NW Illinois.
  3. a city in SE Texas.

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Example Sentences

So maybe in Freeport, the Long Island fishing village the Reeds moved to, young Lou was a cerebral quarterback.

Freeport is just one fishing town of many that have been decimated in the aftermath of Sandy.

Mike Barnett of Freeport, Long Island is busy catching striped bass and blackfish.

Freeport McMoRan did not respond to requests for comment for this article, and Paulson Co. declined to comment.

She had not had love before, being less generously endowed in other respects than with social position in Freeport.

Near Freeport he secured a school at forty dollars a month, which was much more than he could have earned in the East.

On the night before the Freeport debate the question had also been considered in a hurried caucus of Lincoln's party friends.

This, the so-called “Freeport doctrine,” greatly weakened Douglas in the presidential election of 1860.

There being no bridges, we forded the rivers at Rockford and Freeport.