[ freez-uhp ]

  1. a freezing over of a body of water in an area.

  2. a period of below-freezing temperatures.

  1. the condition of being immobilized or inoperative through freezing: car engine freeze-up in winter.

Origin of freeze-up

1875–80, Americanism; noun use of verb phrase freeze up

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How to use freeze-up in a sentence

  • I like to set traps in those springs for they never freeze up and the bait keeps much longer.

    Fifty Years a Hunter and Trapper | Eldred Nathaniel Woodcock
  • On level, and even high prairie land, water will stand in winter, and thoroughly saturate the soil and freeze up.

    Soil Culture | J. H. Walden

British Dictionary definitions for freeze-up


  1. a period of freezing or extremely cold weather

  2. US and Canadian

    • the freezing of lakes, rivers, and topsoil in autumn or early winter

    • the time of year when this occurs

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