[ frey ]


  1. E·duar·do [e-, dwahr, -, th, aw], 1911–82, Chilean statesman: president 1964–70.

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Example Sentences

Sayed Jalees and Ursula Frei embraced their daughter, and made sure the rest of the family knew it.

“Unfortunately, the Jesuits failed to imbue me with the true Christian faith,” Castro told Frei Betto.

A turning point was the papacy of John Paul II, with whom Fidel “had fantastic chemistry”, according to Frei Betto.

Arbeit Macht Frei was an instance of the Big Lie, a promise of liberation to those who labored in the Nazi death camps.

BBC America and BBC World News will be helmed by anchors David Dimbleby and Matt Frei.

Frei bersetzt aus dem Franzoesischen, verbreitet un' bearbeitet.

Umgearbeitet frei vun der berhmter russischer Komdie "Rewisor."

In diesem Sinne ist der Mensch frei, sobald sich das Gewissen in ihm entwickelt.

This ruling found expression in the famous saying: Stadtluft macht frei, “town-air renders free.”

There were two kinds of clavichords—the fretted or gebunden and the fret-free or bund-frei.





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