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freight train


  1. a train of freight cars.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of freight train1

First recorded in 1835–45

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Example Sentences

Along the Hudson, a long, serpentine freight train worked its way north.

Sounding like a freight train now and then, especially if you’re exhausted, is normal, but when it becomes chronic, it can lead to issues like a raise in blood pressure and strain on your heart.

Amtrak lines that rely on freight rail often suffer from delays, as freight trains get priority over their passenger-hauling cousins, contributing to Amtrak’s reputation for slow service.

From Time

Some make the journey with a smuggler or a friend, but others set out alone, traveling on buses, the tops of freight trains or even by foot.

A new law requires every vehicle, truck and freight train that crosses into the United States from Mexico or Canada to be scanned by X-ray or similar technology at ports of entry, the U-T reports.

Toledo is a tough city, a factory town, a freight train junction, a lake steamer port.

"A freight train in a Canadian river isn't a very uncommon object," Festing rejoined.

Ned Newton wired that the meteorite had been safely placed on a fast freight train.

There were some rails torn up out of the track last night a few miles from here and a freight train went over.

It gives him a pass upon every freight train that travels the length and breadth of the land.

He had to explain very plainly that of course a freight train had a conductor.





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