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French fries

plural noun

  1. thin strips of potato that have been deep-fried.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of French fries1

First recorded in 1915–20
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Example Sentences

Why does our government think it's okay for them to subsist on french fries and soda?

By far the most cited was Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh, a four-outlet chain where all sandwiches are topped with french fries.

For good measure, a few french fries were thrown into the mix.

Sure, some falafel places in Israel stuff a couple of french fries into the pita.

Second, the very idea of putting french fries—or any potato product—on a bun is problematic.

The steak was a dream, and the french fries were a crisp, rich golden brown that started my mouth watering.

Sherry came back with Hoiman's two bottles of beer, and my steak and french fries.

I swear my eyes weren't away from the table for more than a half second, but in that moment all the french fries left my plate.

I yielded to Fate—it wasn't meant to be that I eat french fries this pay day.

Hoiman sighed, reminiscently, and a grimy paw swooped into my french fries.





French fried potatoesFrench-fry