[ freed-muhn ]


  1. Bruce Jay, 1930–2020, U.S. novelist.
  2. Milton, 1912–2006, U.S. economist: Nobel Prize 1976.


/ ˈfriːdmən /


  1. FriedmanMilton19122006MUSSOCIAL SCIENCE: economist Milton. 1912–2006. US economist, particularly associated with monetarism; a forceful advocate of free market capitalism

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Derived Forms

  • ˈFriedmanˌite, nounadjective

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Example Sentences

If those screens appear normal, “if you play with your son, read to him, narrate activities while they are occurring and provide him with an enriched environment, he should continue to do well,” Friedman says.

From Time

It’s a move the brand plans to continue in the future via in-feed video ads, Friedman said.

From Digiday

Friedman said the Dodgers talked to clubhouse staff, trainers and especially teammates.

The initial round of $1,200 stimulus checks in the spring saw some increase in spending across all income levels, Friedman and Chetty say, but this second stimulus is revealing a wide gap.

Friedman says the goal at launch was to make previously invisible health data and analytics visible to consumers.

From Fortune

“We only have so much control over what Twitter does and we can control what we do,” Friedman said.

In a phone interview, Jaclyn Friedman, the Executive Director of WAM!

By Ann Friedman, Medium The first step is, throw out the hoodie-wearing boy-genius and build a new archetype.

Second,” said Sen. Paul, “is the Milton Friedman efficiency argument.

None of the others involved—Friedman and officials at Los Alamos, or their spokesmen—returned phone calls seeking comment Monday.

Economics textbooks stop short of mentioning Friedman or Phelps.

Chaplain Davidowitz was sent home wounded, and Friedman accompanied his own division back.


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