[ free-hohl, free-hohl; Spanish free-hawl ]
/ ˈfri hoʊl, friˈhoʊl; Spanish friˈhɔl /

noun, plural fri·jo·les [free-hohlz, free-hoh-leez; Spanish free-haw-les] /ˈfri hoʊlz, friˈhoʊ liz; Spanish friˈhɔ lɛs/.

any bean of the genus Phaseolus, especially the kidney bean, the seeds of which are used for food in Mexico, in the southwestern U.S., etc.

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Also fri·jo·le [free-hoh-lee] /friˈhoʊ li/.

Origin of frijol

1570–80; < Spanish, earlier fresol, fesol < a dialectal source, akin to Galician freixó, feixoo, earlier feijoo < Latin faseolus; see feijoada Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈfriːhəʊl, Spanish friˈxol) /

noun plural -joles (-həʊlz, Spanish -ˈxoles)

a variety of bean, esp of the French bean, extensively cultivated for food in Mexico

Word Origin for frijol

C16: from Spanish, ultimately from Latin phaseolus, diminutive of phasēlus, from Greek phasēlos bean with edible pod

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Word Origin and History for frijoles



1570s, from Spanish frijoles (plural) "beans," from Latin phaseolus, phaselus "kidney bean," from Greek phaselos "a kind of bean."

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