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[ fruhm, from; unstressed fruhm ]


  1. (used to specify a starting point in spatial movement):

    a train running west from Chicago.

  2. (used to specify a starting point in an expression of limits):

    The number of stores will be increased from 25 to 30.

  3. (used to express removal or separation, as in space, time, or order):

    two miles from shore;

    30 minutes from now;

    from one page to the next.

  4. (used to express discrimination or distinction):

    to be excluded from membership;

    to differ from one's father.

  5. (used to indicate source or origin):

    to come from the Midwest;

    to take a pencil from one's pocket.

  6. (used to indicate agent or instrumentality):

    death from starvation.

  7. (used to indicate cause or reason):

    From the evidence, he must be guilty.


/ frɒm; frəm /


  1. used to indicate the original location, situation, etc

    from behind the bushes

    from Paris to Rome

    from childhood to adulthood

  2. in a period of time starting at

    he lived from 1910 to 1970

  3. used to indicate the distance between two things or places

    a hundred miles from here

  4. used to indicate a lower amount

    from five to fifty pounds

  5. showing the model of

    painted from life

  6. used with the gerund to mark prohibition, restraint, etc

    nothing prevents him from leaving

  7. because of

    exhausted from his walk

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Word History and Origins

Origin of from1

First recorded before 950; Middle English, Old English, variant of fram “from, forward”; cognate with Gothic fram, Old Norse frā ( fro ), fram
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Word History and Origins

Origin of from1

Old English fram ; related to Old Norse frā , Old Saxon, Old High German, Gothic fram from, Greek promos foremost
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Example Sentences

The bulk of the premiere actually put an unexpected spin on the ripped-from-the-headlines story.

But its title is a misnomer: The far-from-renegade Gay is a very good feminist.

Says my wife, returning from the shower be-robed, towel-turbaned, and still smelling faintly of not-made-from-concentrate.

But a new crop of famous-from-birth models are trying to make it on their own…and they deserve to be taken seriously.

Michael Jackson's back-from-the-dead moonwalk stunned viewers at the Billboard Awards.

They have a nodding-from-a-motor-acquaintance with it but I like a real handshake-friendship with it.

Once more we found ourselves in the far-from-delectable town of Cape François.

It was no good trying some tricky approach; his best bet was the straight-from-the-shoulder bit.

Now the fugitive-from-labor clause must be interpreted in part by the light of the Purpose of the Constitution.

And again came that scent of cigar smoke-from the old saturated leather.