from dawn to dusk

[ fruhm dawntuh-duhsk ]

  1. from shortly before sunrise to shortly after sunset; throughout the daylight hours: Motorized watercraft may be operated at any safe and legal speed from dawn to dusk any day of the week from November 1st to March 31st.

  2. every day from early to late, without a break; ceaselessly or constantly: All these eight years I’ve been sweating it out at work from dawn to dusk, and I’m happy with what I accomplished.Since I got the game I've been playing from dawn to dusk, and have logged about 600 hours already.

Origin of from dawn to dusk

First recorded in 1785–95
  • Also from dawn till dusk [fruhm dawntil duhsk] /ˌfrʌm ˈdɔn tɪl ˈdʌsk/ .

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