front row

noun (functioning as singular or plural)

rugby Union
  1. the forwards at the front of a scrum
  2. (as modifier)perhaps the finest front-row forward in the world

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Contemporary Examples of front row

Historical Examples of front row

  • The guards hustled Tighe over to a front-row bench and sat him down.

    The Sensitive Man

    Poul William Anderson

  • She always had a front-row seat at witch dances in Africa, and the thing had become a habit.

    The Girl on the Boat

    Pelham Grenville Wodehouse

  • The small white Daisy, of lower growth, is equally desirable for front-row locations.

    Amateur Gardencraft

    Eben E. Rexford

  • The lucky ones in the front-row seats call back: “A hundred and eighteen drachmas.”

  • The Misses Forbes, invariably the first comers, had taken possession of front-row seats.

    Tutors' Lane

    Wilmarth Lewis