front row


  1. rugby Union
    1. the forwards at the front of a scrum
    2. ( as modifier )

      perhaps the finest front-row forward in the world

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Example Sentences

Last September, the "designer" duo got booed at Lanvin's Paris fashion show after they arrived late to their front row seats.

Once the rehearsals were done all the presenters, including me, sat in the second to front row of seats.

“This poor guy has a pea coat on,” he says, pointing to a well-dressed youngster in the front row.

Shoppers from Mainland China arrived in droves, and gained front row seats to civil disobedience in action.

I had the pleasure of taking my little sister to see the play front row, and it was brilliant.

This, however, is of slender habit, and should be given a place in the front row.

He distinctly heard a man in the front row of the stalls say: "Well, for sheer nerve—!"

Then came the crashing of the band and the roll of carriages, and she found herself in the front row on the curb.

At the close of the ceremony a dear little old widow lady, sitting in the front row, told us of her own boy.

Now the balding, bearded physicists sat in the front row when the appropriations were spooned out.





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