Front Royal


  1. a town in N Virginia.

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Example Sentences

In a Twitter message, officials with the National Zoo said the male cheetah cub is being cared for by staff members at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Va.

A line of showers and storms stretches from Hagerstown to near Front Royal.

Monfort has been affiliated with the zoo for 35 years, and since 2018 he has directed operations at the 163-acre national landmark in Northwest Washington, and its 3,200-acre conservation facility in Front Royal, Va.

It fired two rounds, then broke and tore down the dusty road or through the bordering fields toward Front Royal.

Jackson's ammunition wagons, double-teamed, were up with the army, but all others back somewhere east of Front Royal.

From the east came the Front Royal road; north and south stretched that great artery, the Valley turnpike.

He was in the fight at Front Royal and passed through Winchester two hours after our engagement.

Are the forces still moving north through the gap at Front Royal and between you and there?





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