of, in, or at the front: a frontal view; frontal attack.
  1. of, relating to, or situated near the forehead or the frontal bone.
  2. coronal(def 4c).
Meteorology. of or relating to the division between dissimilar air masses: frontal zone; frontal surface.
Fine Arts.
  1. exhibiting frontality.
  2. parallel to the surface in the pictorial arts or seen from the front view in sculpture: the frontal plane.


Origin of frontal

1275–1325; < Late Latin frontālis (New Latin, in anatomy sense); replacing Middle English frountel < Old French frontel. See front, -al1
Related formsfron·tal·ly, adverbin·ter·fron·tal, adjectivesub·fron·tal, adjectivesub·fron·tal·ly, adverbtrans·fron·tal, adjectivetrans·fron·tal·ly, adverb Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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of, at, or in the front
of or relating to the foreheadfrontal artery
of or relating to the anterior part of a body or organ
meteorol of, relating to, or resulting from a front or its passagefrontal rainfall


a decorative hanging for the front of an altar
another name for frontlet (def. 1)
Derived Formsfrontally, adverb

Word Origin for frontal

C14 (in the sense: adornment for forehead, altar cloth): via Old French frontel, from Latin frontālia (pl) ornament worn on forehead, frontellum altar cloth, both from frōns forehead, front
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Word Origin and History for frontal

1650s, of the forehead; 1971 with reference to the naked body; from Modern Latin frontalis, from front-, stem of frons "brow, forehead" (see front). Or in some cases probably from front (n.) + adjectival suffix -al (1).

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Of, relating to, directed toward, or situated at the front.
Of or relating to the forehead or frontal bone.
Of or relating to the frontal plane.
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