1. a combining form used in compound words referring to the frontal bone or lobe (frontoparietal) or, in meteorological terms, to a frontal zone (frontogenesis).

Origin of fronto-

Latin front- (stem of frōns) forehead, front + -o-

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How to use fronto- in a sentence

  • Superstition is as deep a principle in the breast of Aurelian as ambition and of that, Fronto is the most fitting high-priest.

    Aurelian | William Ware
  • Fronto himself approached, and said that his eye had from the first been upon the beast, and the exact truth had been stated.

    Aurelian | William Ware
  • Fronto once more stood before the altar, and now uninterrupted performed the last office of the ceremony.

    Aurelian | William Ware
  • As he spoke, never did so malignant a joy light up the human countenance as was to be seen in the face of Fronto.

    Aurelian | William Ware
  • Fronto looked like one who had kindled a larger flame than he intended, or knew well how to manage.

    Aurelian | William Ware