[ frawst-bit-n, frost- ]


  1. injured by frost or extreme cold.

verb (used with object)

  1. past participle of frostbite.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of frostbitten1

First recorded in 1585–95

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Example Sentences

At last I could relax, feeling the joy of an accomplished dream, but also waves of fatigue and the onset of pain throbbing in my frostbitten fingers.

The table above shows the wind chill at different temperatures and wind speeds, and also how long it would take for exposed skin to get frostbitten in different wind chill temperatures.

When he peeled his socks off of his wet, frostbitten feet on day three, strips of flesh were clinging to them.

Place the frostbitten tissues against warm skin or in warm water.

Once when we were shooting in Yugoslavia, his feet got badly frostbitten.

But Ben-Yehuda got Irmak down far enough for both of them, terribly frostbitten, to be airlifted out.

Of course, you may get your ears frostbitten in the middle of winter, but you can have a sleeping hood to remove that danger.

During these cold days, some of our woodcutters had their noses and cheeks frostbitten.

The cook had his ears frostbitten in going to the river to fetch water.

Does his soul expand in the winter, or does it shrink like frostbitten fruit?

They are unloved and unlovely, and they are frostbitten in the realms of luxury.





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