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[ fool-fil ]

verb (used with object)

, ful·filled, ful·fil·ling.
  1. to carry out, or bring to realization, as a prophecy or promise.

    Synonyms: realize, complete, achieve, accomplish

  2. to perform or do, as duty; obey or follow, as commands.

    Synonyms: observe, discharge, execute

  3. to satisfy (requirements, obligations, etc.):

    a book that fulfills a long-felt need.

    Synonyms: fill, answer, meet

  4. to bring to an end; finish or complete, as a period of time:

    He felt that life was over when one had fulfilled his threescore years and ten.

    Synonyms: conclude, terminate, end

  5. to develop the full potential of (usually used reflexively):

    She realized that she could never fulfill herself in such work.

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Other Words From

  • ful·fill·er noun
  • o·ver·ful·fill verb (used with object)
  • pre·ful·fill verb (used with object)
  • su·per·ful·fill verb (used with object)

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fulfill1

First recorded before 1000; Middle English fulfillen, Old English fulfyllan. See full 1, fill

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Example Sentences

While Qualtrics’ IPO Thursday certainly doesn’t fulfill SAP original intent, the investment has paid off, at least on paper.

From Fortune

Video games vary wildly from one title to the next and fulfill so many functions beyond mere idle amusement.

The already tight TV and streaming ad markets make it hard to see how the media conglomerate could come up with enough new impressions to fulfill that demand.

From Digiday

Besides, most agencies will have referrals or be able to point you in the right direction to help support the need you are looking to fulfill.

Schmidt recently spoke with Quartz about the prospects for entrepreneurs in the middle of a pandemic, the value of bootstrapping a small business, and why not every company needs a higher purpose to fulfill a mission.

From Quartz

We are gathered for one reason and one reason alone—to raise money to help fulfill that dream and that purpose.

“Fair to say that we currently have more ISR requirements than we have the capacity to fulfill,” the official said.

Despite what people see in him, Rick has no desire to fulfill their expectations.

But we hope for more, and we ask you to fulfill your promises to create a more secure environment for journalists in our country.

We, the undersigned, hoped you would take serious and practical measures to fulfill your promises.

By the old law a drunken man who made a contract was still liable, and required to fulfill as a penalty for his conduct.

Do you know that the failure to fulfill your contract has cost me at least ten thousand dollars?

James Burbage many times urged his landlord to fulfill the original agreement, but in vain.

No one can say to himself, “I will now make a good simile,” and straightway fulfill his promise.

The truth was this: now that Lilian saved herself in her own strength, the child had no dramatic function to fulfill.