[ fuhl-gyuh-rey-ting ]
/ ˈfʌl gyəˌreɪ tɪŋ /

adjective Medicine/Medical.

(of pains) sharp and piercing.

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Origin of fulgurating

First recorded in 1670–80; fulgurate + -ing2


[ fuhl-gyuh-reyt ]
/ ˈfʌl gyəˌreɪt /

verb (used without object), ful·gu·rat·ed, ful·gu·rat·ing.

to flash or dart like lightning.

verb (used with object), ful·gu·rat·ed, ful·gu·rat·ing.

Medicine/Medical. to destroy (especially an abnormal growth) by electricity.

Origin of fulgurate

1670–80; < Latin fulgurātus, past participle of fulgurāre to flash, glitter, lighten, derivative of fulgur flash of lightning

Related formsful·gu·ra·tion, noun

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Examples from the Web for fulgurating

  • It is terrified, like Delphos at the fulgurating realities of the vision; it makes tables turn as Dodona did tripods.

    Les Misrables|Victor Hugo
  • How long the young swells have envied Edgar the unusual and fulgurating brilliancy of his headgear!

    A Chambermaid's Diary|Octave Mirbeau

British Dictionary definitions for fulgurating


/ (ˈfʌlɡjʊˌreɪtɪŋ) /


pathol (of pain) sudden and sharp; piercing
surgery of or relating to fulguration


/ (ˈfʌlɡjʊˌreɪt) /


(intr) rare to flash like lightning
Derived Formsfulgurant (ˈfʌlɡjʊrənt), adjective

Word Origin for fulgurate

C17: from Latin fulgurāre, from fulgur lightning

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Medicine definitions for fulgurating


[ fulgyə-rā′tĭng, -gə-, fŭl- ]


Lightninglike, especially of sudden shooting pain.

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