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[ fool-skeyl ]


  1. having the exact size or proportions of the original:

    a full-scale replica.

  2. using all possible means, facilities, etc.; complete:

    The factory will commence full-scale operation next month.



  1. (of a plan, etc) of actual size; having the same dimensions as the original
  2. done with thoroughness or urgency; using all resources; all-out

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Word History and Origins

Origin of full-scale1

First recorded in 1930–35

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Example Sentences

Only two senators opposed the resolution, which the administration later claimed was the authority for a full-scale war.

But in the spring of 1856 he finally faced a full-scale protest.

Right-wing columnists call for Eric Holder to launch a full-scale federal investigation on racial profiling at the White House.

And finally the U.S. and the E.U. need to impose full-scale economic sanctions on Moscow.

But what does an effective, full-scale air attack look like?

After Amador's return in late July a full-scale investigation was ordered.

Anybody that sees you open your envelope sees that you're gettin' full scale.

Then the horses screamed, the red-faced man roared, and a full scale upheaval was in progress!

A full-scale expedition was to be commanded by a Lieutenant Beale, an officer Ali had not met.

In the meanwhile, the war had broken out in full scale, and the disaster at Fort Duquesne had taken place.





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