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full speed


  1. the maximum speed.
  2. Nautical. the speed normally maintained on a passage.


  1. at maximum speed:

    to move full speed ahead.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of full speed1

First recorded in 1350–1400

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Example Sentences

At full brightness, I can see well over ten feet ahead, and running at full speed is no problem.

Adding to the book’s allure is the nostalgia of its pre-pandemic setting, the story unfolding in a Manhattan still bustling at full speed.

So although the digital innovation gets the most focus, and that continues to go full speed, these things in biology, I think people will be surprised.

From Ozy

I think it’s like full speed ahead for “Drag Race,” which is great because we all love to watch it and fall in love with new people.

Durant can work his way up to full speed however he sees fit.

"Single source" reporting, as Carrie learns as the season's first episode takes off at full speed, is a very dangerous thing.

This is a major sign that things are moving full-speed in the right direction at the federal level, as well as the state level.

And I ran straight at him at full speed and then threw myself into a headfirst slide.

Winfrey wasted no time moving full-speed in the direction of her fans' wishes.

The haredi leadership is ready to gallop at full speed over this religious fiscal cliff.

Down the street they rode at full speed, but not a shot was fired; the town lay still as dead.

The driver wanted no directions, but lashed his horse into full speed without the delay of an instant.

Stoutheart led the way gallantly, at full speed, and went over like an india-rubber ball.

As soon as they had gotten clear of the reefs, they did not stop to reconnoitre the camp, but pushed by at full speed.

Now, to his dismay, he saw Craigie at full speed flying along the path toward him.


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full-sizefull speed ahead