[ fool-turm ]


  1. of or noting the entire duration of normal pregnancy.
  2. serving the complete designated term of office:

    He was not a full-term president.

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Example Sentences

The celebrity lawmaker gets his first full term as a U.S. Senator.

Anonymous Our daughter, Alyson, was stillborn at full term with no indication of any problems in 2008.

The medical examiner determined that the baby was just a month shy of full term.

The elections will mark the first time an elected civilian government completes a full term in office.

These will make it hard for the government to last its full term.

Prevented by ill-health from serving his full term, he found himself adrift in the world, without money or friends.

Although parliament had not lasted its full term of seven years, it was dissolved on September 30.

On her seventh pregnancy, when five months gone, she was as large as women usually are at the end of their full term.

At any rate, his services are as necessary, and often even more so, as in a labor at full term.

Neither the size nor the vigor of the child has any influence in bringing about delivery at full term.





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