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[ fool-throh-tid ]


  1. using the full power of one’s voice:

    His full-throated yodeling stole the show.

  2. (of a sound) formed by the full power of one’s voice:

    The play begins with a full-throated scream from backstage.

  3. demonstrated or expressed with enthusiastic conviction:

    The local nurses association has given our candidate its full-throated endorsement.

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Other Words From

  • full-throat·ed·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of full-throated1

First recorded in 1820–25; full 1( def ) + throated ( def )

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Example Sentences

This summons all the proximate Beyoncé voters, as we reply in a full-throated roar, “ALLLLLL THE SINGLE LAAAAADIES!”

While Jacobs pushed for regulatory reform, Ernst came out full-throated for abolishing the Department of Education and the EPA.

What it has turned out to be is a full-throated defense of the contractor system as a whole.

Now, by contrast, those signals are frequent and full-throated.

This is full-throated belting of “One Day More” by people who sound like trained singers.

They were on a fresh trail; they were away over hill and hollow, singing full-throated as they ran.

As he closed the door the laboring engine once more resumed its full-throated roar.

But when the piano sounded the notes of "Dixie" Evelyn's voice rose alone, clear and full-throated as that of a lark.

The "no" that answered was not full-throated, but it satisfied the patrol leader.

A full-throated feminine voice burst almost in Day's right ear: "Oh, please tell him to get one for us!"





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